Underground bar in Nanyuki


One of the bars that lies in the “cleanest slum in Africa”. It was very clean indeed, didn’t look like a slum at all.

You can order a speciality of here, a beer locally brewed with a mix of honey and lemon.

Meet Moussa


Moussa is a former boxer living in Nanyuki. He never drinks before the weekend, but that day was an exception.



Matatus are the local version of the bus. They are mini vans with a capacity of officially 9 people (but I have seen up to 16 people crammed in one!).

They are cheap, drive fast, and are the main way people use to move around.

Walking to the Mt Kenya forest


Ruth (right) and Nieke (left), two other volunteers in the area, while we were walking towards the forest surrounding Mt. Kenya.

Starry night


One of the perks of living in the middle of nowhere is that sometimes you can enjoy a nice sky full of stars, far from any light pollution.

Mount Kenya


The ancient volcano, now extinct, gave its name to the country. Quite impressive to see it emerging of an otherwise flat landscape.

The picture comes quite late because it is quite difficult to catch at clear sky at this time of the year, and the mountain is often surrounded by clouds.

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